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Specialty Services Provided by the practice:



- Assessments

- Asperger's Disorder

- Infertility



There are many reasons to consider evaluation or assessment. Assessment is guided by the question being asked, and the time needed is specific to the individual.  Assessment measures are determined through the initial interview and behavioral observations during the evaluation.  Examples of having an assessment completed include the following:

Behavioral and Emotional Concerns: If your child struggles with angry outbursts, anxiety, shyness or other problems that concern you, evaluation can help pinpoint where the problems come from and how to address them effectively.

ADD/ADHD assessment:  This assessment will include a thorough evaluation used to discern between many aspects that impact attention  be provided to both adults and children.


Psychoeducational Assessment:  This assessment is used to determine if learning disabilities such as reading, writing, and math disorders are present.  It is used specifically to guide educational interventions.


Aspergerís Disorder Assessment:  A thorough evaluation can be conducted to determine pervasive developmental concerns.  This evaluation will include intellectual, learning, social, developmental, and neurological components.

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Aspergerís Disorder:

Treatment for individualís identified with Aspergerís Disorder should involve a multi-dimensional approach including medical, school, family, and individual interventions.  Focus in psychotherapy will be placed on social skill development, development of empathy, affect regulation, and executive skill development.

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This specialty area includes the following services:

Assessment for women who are participating in the egg donation.

Assessment for women and/or couples who are participating in a gestational carrier program.

Interview and therapy for individuals and/or couples who are intended parents for egg donation or the gestational carrier process.

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