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Giftedness & Twice Exceptional


Being gifted can involve a multitude of complex experiences. Understanding the individual is like putting a puzzle together piece by piece.  While it is exhilarating to be passionate about learning and achieving, it can be difficult to find aspects of life that maintain challenge and increase motivation.  Gifted individuals also describe feeling very lonely.  It can be difficult to meet people who understand and support you, intense emotions impact your ability to move towards your goals, and existential depression and long-standing anxiety can bring about difficulties in feeling peacefulness as you move through life. Being Twice Exceptional can be that much more complex for the individual and persons involved with that individual.

Part of understanding a person's giftedness may involve assessment. Assessment specific to the gifted population will be used to better understand an individual’s unique talents, academic strengths and creativities.  Recommendations will be used to guide  motivational concerns, and learning styles that may be impacting a person meeting their full potential. The Twice Exceptional Assessment will include aspects similar to the gifted population, but will also assess for disabilities that may be co-existing with a person’s giftedness. Such disabilities may include but are not limited to ADHD, Asperger’s Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disability, reading, writing, and math disabilities, and intellectual, and communicative disorders.

Having a therapist who understands the unique aspects of giftedness can be pertinent to assist individuals in understanding their potentials and talents while finding a sense of peace and purpose in life. Dr. James provides individual and family therapy, school consultation, seminars, assessment and other services needed to tailor your needs.


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